Published “नेपालमा सहकारिता”

Furthermore, Sabita Smriti Trust has also focused on publishing sectors. As a publisher, Trust’s chairman Mr. Dhurba Prasadh Arjyal has published first edition as named “नेपालमा सहकारिता” book under his own expenses. And as his second book he published “सबिता स्मृति ग्रन्थ”. Similarly other two books by Mr. Dhurba Prasadh Arjyal i.e  सम्झना को बिम्ब” and by Bedananda Misra i.e ” मत्त्रिका बाबु” has also recently been published. The entire fund collected from the published books is provided to Sabita Smriti Trust.

One day free health service from trust in Tanki, Sinwari, Morang

On the people’s request, trust treated 261 patients with the small financial help from the Simariya VDC in B.S. 2060 Bhadra 29 at Sunsari district. In the year of B.S. 2060 Chaitra 8, 118 patients received one day free health service from trust in Tanki, Sinwari, Morang. and in B.S. 2060 Chaitra 13, 161 patients are facilitated from free health treatment service in Katahari VDC. As a result we are frequently receiving requests for free homeo treatment from different VDC but unfortunately with the lack of financial resources, we are unable to reach various rural areas to provide standard health services.

One day free homeo health treatment service

Similarly in the year B.S. 2060, Baishak 18th in Biratnagar sub metropolitan city ward no. 6 Rampur, Sabita Smriti trust organized a camp in that particular sector and facilitated its people request with one day free homeo health treatment service. In that particular campaign, nearly 161 patients received the health service.

Health Camp

In B.S. 2069, Magh 12 Biratnagar Sub Metropolitan Ward no. 13 located at Bakhari Secondary School, trust organized a camp in school’s ground to provide free treatment for 70/80 health patients. Nowadays, these all people are still facilitated with regular treatment from trust in Roadcess, Biratnagar.

Free health services in Birateshwor

Also, in the year of 2069, Magha 13th Sabita Smriti trust organized a program in Birateshwor old age home (Birateshwor Bridhyashram) providing permanent medicinal prescription and free health services to almost 40/50 oldage members in the occasion of 101th birthday ceremony of Late Prime Minister Matrika Prasadh Koirala and also provided with the 1 packet of biscuit to old age member. Similarly, the trust has managed to provide free health service to the old age home members under the permanent prescription through regular health service program located in Roadcess, Biratnagar.