About Us

After the demise of late Prime Minister Matrika Prasadh Koirala’s elder daughter and the wife of Dhurba Prasadh Arjyal, Mrs. Sabita Arjyal died due to cancer. Mr Dhurbha Prasadh Arjyal and his group established Sabita Smriti Trust in B.S. 2058 is a social service organization located  at Roadcess, Biratnagar, sub metropolitan city ward no. 16, which provides free Homeo health service has completed its 14th year of success.The main reason to introduced the Sabita Smriti Trust as homeopathic treatment for poor and helpless people was to provide them homeopathy in cheaper and affordable price. In the context of Nepal’s health sector it is established fact that along with aleopathy treatment it also lacks other substitute treatment. Due to the higher cost of aleopathy services is limited to only a certain areas of Nepal. Similarly, aleopathy doesn’t root out and only subside the dieseses so there is a huge chance of relapsing same disease.

Comparatively, aleopathy is expensive treatment service and high use of aleopathy antibiotics can also cause side effect. Therefore, homeopathy treatment plays as a better alternative to aleopathy.

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