1. Awareness in principles
  • Generating social awareness to encourage better education to children’s health and family planning safety, maternity childcare, old age education, population and AIDs control mechanism as well as environment preservation.
  1. Awareness in practical field
  2. Collaborating with ongoing INGO’s to establish and continue old age and child education programs especially for those children who doesn’t go to school.
  3. Making adjustment for school admissions to the people.
  4. Launching health especially in homeopathy services and sanitation program like family planning, maternity child care program, AIDs and environment safety program.
  5. Income generating programs: Providing training and awareness program to encourage under privilege people and helps them to be self reliable and generate income through domestic industry.
  6. Providing loan, vocational training and to develop local leadership for community development and encouraging Domestic social and economic organization.

Organized Program

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