Natural calamities give out that in the struggle for survival in that situation. And the elderly are usually the last in the line and lost in the crowd, and therefore suffer the most.

Sabita trust working in Disaster Management programme to bring swift and effective counter measures in the face of disasters.

Our Disaster management model provide quickly to reach out not only to the elderly but also to the community at large, providing relief with food, clothing and shelter to establishing long-lasting rehabilitation programs. Our Trust immediately respond to disasters such as the Covid-19 situation.

Sabita Trust response to any disaster is two-fold; when there is any kind of disaster. Our team always rushes to help the victims with relief and with necessary support, and facilitate a quick response to salvage the situation. Creating awareness and preparedness through Community based planning & capacity building programmes is key to its effort.

Sabita Trust has been continuing its role as strong regional player in disaster response, preparedness and enhances its effort towards innovating climate change adaptation practices and research.

You Can Help The Needy With Us

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